X-Pected Dine Mites Obey Nickodemus 
Nicko's show achievements:

  • Best Of Opposite sex
  • Certificate

Nicko lives in Sweden. He is a great looking boy, but unfortunately he does not like showing.
But he is the nicest, gentlest boy you can imagine.

X-Pected Dine Mites Olivers Liam

Liam lives in Trondheim.

X-Pected Dine Mites Orion Mazic

Mazic lives in Canada.

mazic bil

X-Pected Dine Mites Olsens Tommy

Tommy Lives in Lillestrøm, outside Oslo.

X-Pected Dine Mites O'Samba

Samba lives just outside Oslo. She is mother to our G2-litter.

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