About us

We live in Oslo, Norway. Our family contains of Eirik, Kirsti, our 2 children Tanja and Petter (now grown up) and our dogs.

Both of us have always loved dogs and when we first met in 1988, Kirsti owned a Great Dane and Eirik had a Shetland Sheepdog.

In 1989 we had our first litter, a great Dane litter of 5. We kept 2 bitches that lived on to be 9 1/2 and 10 1/2 years old.

When they started to get older we desided we wanted a smaller, healthy breed. So we found the manchester terrier. This we have never regret.

Then some years later we started up with English toy terriers as well.

We love to travel around at dogshows, in Norway and around Europe. And we are very proud of the achievement our dogs and dogs from our breeding has got. But most important is the daily life with our dogs. To us they are pet dogs first! We keep all our dogs inside with us as our pets. They enjoy lying on the couch, running in our garden and they enjoy to be our bed warmers at night. 

We are active on the local dog scene and take part in a variety of dog events.

We train Rally obedience with some of the dogs and they all get basic obedience traning, as well as how to behave in the daily life.

They all love to go for walks and run free in the forest.


Kirsti is a Rally obedience judge and instructor. She has also been the Breeders contact for the manchester in Norsk Terrier Klub for over 15 years. In a smaller scale we also train Agility and tracking, but this is only for fun, not for competition. 

We are also very proud of Java who have passed the mental test and is now approved Therapy dog. 

Our dogs come with us on our vacations as well. They love our mountain cabin and enjoy going skiing or just to relax by the fireplace.


In summertime they enjoy the sun with us in Spain.


All our puppies are much loved and we spend lots of time with them. They are raised in the middle of our house, first weeks in our bedroom, then in our living room. And they are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli so they can be happy, well- socialized puppies.

To buy a puppy is a huge commitment, so we encourage our puppy buers to stay in touch. We are always interested to help or just to talk about our wonderful breed. We are proud that some of our puppies buers are active in different sort of dogsports with their dogs. And we know they are also valuble pets.


If you would like to know more about us and our dogs, feel free to ask.

You are also most welcome to visit us here at home, please just make an appointment, since we do live a quite busy life.

Hope you enjoy your visit on our homepage!

© Kirsti Kahrs 2013